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Leaving comments in Library Discussion

Leave a comment on the item in the Library Discussion if you would like the library staff to take action. For example, the item should be placed in course reserve collection or extra copies of the title are recommended. Students will not be able to see this part.

The library staff will also respond to your comment in Library Discussion. You will be alerted by the Notification on the left panel of ReadingList@HKUL to read the new comment. Comment can either be left on an item under Library Discussion or on the reading list level.

Student Discussion

Students can leave comments or post questions on the entire reading list or a citation in Student Discussion. You will be notified when a comment is posted.

You may also choose to disable the Student Discussion function by clicking on the elipsis button and choosing Configure list discussions and then selecting Hide student discussion thread.


Changes and updates of your reading list will be shown in Notifications tab on the left panel. For example, an item was added or deleted from your list by a collaborator, comments received from the library staff, new collaborators added to the list, and more.

You will see the notifications when students suggest a citation to be added to the list or leave a comment on a reading list.

Adding public note to a citation

You may add a public note to a citation which can be viewed by students.

1. Select a citation in the reading list.

2. Under Public note, click Add note.

3. Type in the note for students and then click Save.

4. The note will appear under the title of the citation.

Adding private note to a citation

You may add a private note to a citation as your own note which will not be viewed by students.

1. Select a citation in the reading list.

2. Under the private note area, click Add private note.

3. Type in the your own note and then click Save.


Adding note to a section

You may choose to add a note to a section of the reading list.

1. Click on the ellipsis button of the section that you would like to add the note and choose Add a note.

2. Fill in the information on the note at the right panel and click CREATE.

3. The note is added to the bottom of the section by default. You may drag the note to the order you would like it to be shown on the list.

Suggestions from students or list collaborators

Students or list collaborators (if you have added other course instructors as collaborators) are able to suggest citations to be added to the reading list to you (as the list owner).

1. Access My Collection from the left panel of ReadingList@HKUL.

2. Locate the citation to be suggested and click the ellipsis button of the citation.

3. Select Suggest this item and choose the reading list for the citation to be added.

4. You (as the list owner) will see the suggestions on the right-hand side of your reading list under Suggestions. To add the suggestion to your reading list, drag and drop it into the reading list. To reject the suggestion, click the garbage bin icon.