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Copyright issues

  • What copyright responsibilities apply to resources I add to my Reading List?

    You are responsible for ensuring that resources added to your reading list comply with fair dealing provisions for the purposes of giving or receiving instruction (Cap. 528 Copyright Ordinance s.41A). General information about copyright in teaching and learning is available from the Libraries's website.

  • Can I upload PDF files of journal articles or book chapters to my Reading List?

    If these are already available through library subscribed electronic resources, you can simply add links to the recommended e-articles or e-books throughout your reading list. If the Libraries does not have electronic version of these, please ensure that the scanned copies you uploaded comply with fair dealing provisions for the purposes of giving or receiving instruction (Cap. 528 Copyright Ordinance s.41A). When publishing your Reading List, please publish it to "Course students" only so that only the students enrolled in your course can see the list and access those materials. Please ensure that you set the Visible End Date for reading list with course materials as at the end of an academic year or a period no longer than 12 consecutive months. (Please refer to steps 4 and 5 on Publishing Reading List for instructions.)

    Message on Copyright Issue:

    According to the Copyright Ordinance, materials for education purpose will only be exempted from copyright infringement for the purpose of giving and receiving instruction under section 41A if (1) they are password-protected and (2) the hosting intranet page is available for NOT MORE THAN 12 MONTHS. If you have such materials in a Reading List, please remove them at the end of the academic year.

  • Can I upload my own teaching materials, e.g. PowerPoint files, course notes, etc. to my Reading List?

    Yes, if you are the author of these course materials. We also suggest you publish only to “Course students” when publishing your Reading List if you do not wish these to be visible in the public list of ReadingList@HKUL.

    If you are not the author, making copies of course materials available online in places other than HKU Moodle may constitute an act of copyright infringement. To make your ReadingList@HKUL only available in HKU Moodle, please choose Publish > Course students.