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Media Services (co-branded LES): 3D Printing

Guides for using our equipment and services

3D Printers

Service Charges

Price List: 

Base Charge



$1 per gram


$2 per gram


$6 per gram

Booking or Consultation Appointment


3D Printers & Scanners


Consultation Appointment

Consultation sessions on how to use LIC equipment are required in order to reserve a timeslot through the library booking system.
Please notify us via email once your reservation has been confirmed.

3D Printer information

Formlabs 3+ Ultimaker 3 Ultimaker S5

Build volume:  145 x 145 x 185 mm

Print speed:  laser

Material:  Resin

Software:  Preform

Supported file:  stl

Build volume:  197 x 215 x 200 mm

Print speed:  20 to 200 m/s

Filament diameter:  2.85 mm

Software:  Cura

Supported file:  stl

Build volume:  330 x 240 x 300 mm

Print speed: < 24 mm³ /s

Filament diameter:  2.85 mm

Software:  Cura

Supported file:  stl

Eligible Users

This service is available to current HKU faculty, staff and students.

Materials Support


PLA (bio-degradable polymer)

PVA (supporting materials)



  • This service requires payment in advance and is available up to one hour before the Media Services office closes.
  • Create your 3D model from scratch or download a file ready for printing on the Internet.  Please save your file in STL format on a FAT USB thumb drive or online. 
  • Reserve a 3D printer workstation time slot through our booking system, or provide the STL file and pre-printing requirements by email. 
  • Library staff will run through your print file on a 3D printing workstation where you can configure the printing requirements such as layer height, in-fill, support, etc.
  • Library staff will then assess the printability of your file and indicate the printing time and cost on the request form.
  • For RESIN printing, the 3D model must be cleaned and dried in post-processing, which takes an additional hour.
  • There is NO GUARANTEE that all items will print successfully even if the review indicates it might; this printing is a process subject to mechanical, heating, weather and other conditions outside of the Staff's control.
  • NO REFUND once a 3D print job is sent to print.
  • The Library reserves the right to decline a printing request or cancel a printing job if the object may infringe copyright or contain abusive constituents.

# Please note that the accuracy of FDM 3D printing with PLA is +/- 0.4~0.5mm.

Pick Up Information

  • You will be given an expected date and time for pickup after placing your request.
  • Please confirm whether the printed object is ready for pickup beforehand.
  • The 3D model will discard if not picked up within 14 days of the email being sent.