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Media Services (co-branded LES): 3D Scanning

Guides for using our equipment and services

3D Scanner

EinScan Pro 2X

Structure Sensor

Einscan - Color Pack

Booking or Consultation Appointment


3D Printers and scanners

Consultation Appointment

Consultation sessions on how to use LIC equipment are required in order to reserve a timeslot through the library booking system.
Please notify us via email once your reservation has been confirmed.

3D Scanner information

Structure Sensor EinScan Pro 2X
Type Portable scanner
Dimension 119.2 x 28 x 29 mm

VGA (640 x 480), QVGA (320 x 240)

Frame rate 30/60 frames per second
View mode

Standard, X-ray, Colour 

Output Format OBJ
Type Desktop scanner
Dimension 246 x 260 x 65 mm
Colour Pack  scan colour & texture

Special objects

For scanning of transparent, highly reflective,

dark object, fluffy, and hairy objects, please

consult our office before booking.

Output Format STL, ASC, OBJ

Eligible Users

This service is available to current HKU faculty, staff and students.


  • EinScan Pro 2X is a fixed scanner for library use only, and the Structure Sensor is a portable scanner for check out.
  • Online reservation require for EinScan 3D Scanner, and the Structure Sensor scanner is requested by email.
  • EinScan Pro 2X is a desktop scanner attached to a workstation with a turntable where scanning must work at LIC.
  • Structure Sensor scanner is available for a short term loan where reservation can be made at least 1 working day in advance via email.
  • Structure Sensor scanner can be borrowed and returned on the same day at the Media Services during service hours.
  • Please check this link for late return penalty.
  • Patron is responsible for the loss and damage to the scanner.

How to use Structure Sensor 3D scanner

In order to retrieve your scans from the Scanner, please add your email account into iPad before scanning and be sure remember to delete the email account before returning to library. 

**Please note that you will need to send your files to a non HKU email account.

Press the scanner icon 

Simple pinch or pull to resize the scanning box to contain your subject.

Press “Scan” and slowly and steadily move around your subject

Press the button for done



Additional Suggestion

For iPhone 12 or iPad Pro 2020 or later, Scaniverse is a free 3D scanning app.