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Media Services (co-branded LES): Vinyl Cutting

Guides for using our equipment and services

Vinyl Cutter

Service Charges

Base Charge: $20 per cut



Vinyl cutter


For discussion or enquiries about the cutting service, please contact Media Services via email.

General Information

A vinyl cutter is a computer-controlled cutting device. The computer controls the movement of a sharp blade over the surface of the material. This blade is used to cut out shapes and letters from sheets of thin self-adhesive plastic (vinyl). The vinyl can then be stuck to a variety of surfaces depending on the adhesive and type of material. 

Eligible Users

This service is available to current HKU faculty, staff and students by appointment only.

Vinyl Cutter Information

Model Number

RX II-101S

Max. Cutting Width

1016mm (40”)

Max. Cutting Length

50m (164ft)

Number of Pinch Rollers


Acceptable Material Thickness

0.8mm (0.03in)

Material support

Vinyl sheet, Sticker paper


  • This service requires payment in advance and is available up to one hour before the Media Services office closes.
  • Adobe Illustrator is recommended for artwork creation.  
  • Send your file to us via email so we can review it.
  • Margin requirement:
    • Leave at least 50 mm at the top and bottom edge of the material, and also
    • Leave at least 30 mm on the left and right edges of the material.
  • Print the artwork with AASII plugin for precise cutting.
  • Cutting driver only handles one artwork per job.
  • Reserve a PC workstation time slot in our booking system.
  • Library reserves the right to decline a printing request or cancel a printing job if the object may infringe copyright or contain abusive constituents.

Colour Scheme for cutting outlines

RGB colour is the default setting mode for vinyl cutting.



 Cut colour


 Cut colour


 Cut stroke weight


 Cut line


How to add AASII Plug In

The AASII Plugin's function is to deliver an instruction to the machine about the area to be cut on the paper.  Please download from this URL:

Illustrator - install the AASII_Plug_In at C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CC 2018\Presets\en_GB\Scripts​​\

Step 1.  Select the cut area

File → Scripts → AASII_Plug_In

Step 2.  Input the length and press Apply

4-Point Positioning → Length → Apply

Ready for print

Trouble Shooting





No AASII plugin where cutting does not match the cut outlines