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Media Services (co-branded LES): Digital Interactive Lab

Guides for using our equipment and services

Digital Interactive Lab

2019 Feb 19 Ingenium Grand Opening

2019 Apr Common Core

2019 May Asia SEE

2019 May Asia SEE

2019 May Asian e-Table

2019 Jun Ocean park X HKU Hackathon

2019 Jun Mingde Project and Common Core@HKU

2021 Nov MITE6311 teaching class

2022 Jan The 18th Annual Library Leadership Institute



DIL booking application

Booking must be made at least 8 weeks in advance subject to availability.

LES Venue Calendar - to check the availability for reserving rooms.

For enquiries, please contact Learning Environment Services (LES) via email:

General Information

The Digital Interactive Lab (DIL) is equipped with a laptop and a high-resolution Video Wall to facilitate the visualisation of data with images and videos for a research seminar and academic discussion and to support collaborative learning activities by connecting your portable devices to project the images, videos, and research data on multiple screens simultaneously. 

Digital Interactive Lab designed for teaching, seminar, and conference use.


  • Digital Display Wall: It is in 5-meter wide and 2-meter high consisting of 12 nos. of 55-inch high-resolution LED TV screens.
    • Multiple video inputs: 1 to at least 12 video inputs from different sources can be displayed either individually or simultaneously in different layout configurations
    • Wired connections:
      • 2 wall-mounted HDMI sockets are provided
      • 10 floor boxes with HDMI input are available for easy plugging of your devices, sharing of screens and group work
    • Wireless connections:
      • Wireless Presenters to allow a maximum of 4 users using any device to collaborate simultaneously
    • An easy-to-use control panel is installed on iPad for controlling the screen, sound volume and lighting
  • Lectern: Laptop which is connected with Digital Display Wall.
  • Writable partition: For generating ideas during discussion and collaborative work.
  • Accessories:  Provide flexible furniture in the form of 10 tables and 40 chairs.


# Seating Capacity Suggestions:  Theatre style is 60 chairs, classroom style is 10 tables and 40 chairs.