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Music: Journals

Find journals

How to find a print journal or an e-journal via FIND@HKUL


  • HKUL: Print and e-books, journal and newspaper titles, theses, audio-visual materials and more.
  • Articles: HKUL subscribed online articles including journal and newspaper articles, conference papers and more.


Step 1 : Search a journal / an e-journal

1. Sign in to manage your account (recommended).

2. Enter a title, e.g. Journal of Musicology.

3. Choose "HKUL+Articles".

4. Click in an e-journal for more information

          Online access : Electronic version         OR

5. Click in a print journal for more information  

          Call number : Print version 

Step 2 : Read an e-journal online

6. Click in the link under "View Online" and the e-journal is shown if you signed in.