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Music: e-journals with BrowZine


BrowZine, a journal platform, allows you to access journal articles on IOS / Android tablets or smart phones and to read full-text articles. Over 40 English Music journal titles are available. Journals of other subjects, such as Film and Media Studies and Theatre and Performance Studies are also included.
You can search a journal title in the box or take a look the Music journals in each areas, categorized by BrowZine. 

Access to BrowZine

BrowZine Web

Go to

BrowZine App

1. Download and install BrowZine app in relevant App Store

Download from Apple Store

For all iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches with iOS v7.x+

Download from Geogle Store

For all Android Tablets and Smartphones with OS v4.1+

Download from Amazon Store

For Kindle Fire HD Tablets

2. Select “University of Hong Kong” from the library list

3. Enter your HKU Portal account and PIN when prompted for authentication. 

Search for Music journals


Remarks: HKU Portal login is required.

Music Performance

Personalized feature : My Bookshelf

You are encourage to set up a BrowZine account for the personalized feature of My Bookshelf and My Articles. For current HKU staff and students, you may be restricted to using only your university email address.  BrowZine will alert you to this fact if you try to use another email automatically. 

For details, click here


Add journals to My Bookshelf


You need to first login your current HKU Portal account to use BrowZine. Then, you can set up or login your BrowZine account to either see or edit My Bookshelf. To do this, simply click on the link for My Bookshelf in the menu bar  to set up or login your BrowZine account. 

The BrowZine account allows you to add your interested title(s) to My Bookshelf.

You can click on My Bookshelf tab to manage and edit the title(s). The feature of My Bookshelf helps you to synchronize your interested journals across all devices. 

Personalized feature : My Articles

Add jouranls articles to My Articles


You need to first login your BrowZine account. Then, you can click the  EXPAND down arrow to the right of your interested article to reveal the options.

You can add your interested article(s) to My Articles. The feature of  My Articles helps you to create a custom reading list of articles from many available titles. 

By default, the General collection is always selected and every user has one.  The General collection can be renamed, but cannot be deleted. You can also create a NEW collection when saving your interested article(s). 

A quick link will be added to the drop-down menu once the article is saved. 


How to get full-text articles and citations?

Click on the following icons on the drop-down menu of the articles.

Full-text icon  



 It allows you to track down full-text articles at BrowZine.   

Cite icon


 It allows you to choose your desired reference management software, e.g. Endnote RIS  or Bib TeX.