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Beethoven facsimiles Print Page

Beethoven facsimiles

Music Library has collected Beethoven facsimile editions containing sketchbooks and autographs, which range from a few bar sketches to works of String Quartets or the finale of a symphony. In addition to the bibliography, online access to a Review of the facsimile edition is included, when available. Selected readings of Scholarly Studies on Beethoven sketches and facsimiles & Online Resource provide in-depth analysis of the works and further information respectively.


   Ein Skizzenbuch zu den Diabelli-Variationen und zur Missa solemnis, SV 154.

   [A sketch book of 33 Variations on a waltz by Anton Diabelli, op120 and Missa solemnis]

   Bonn: Beethovenhaus, 1968.

   Call Number: MuR 780.262 B41 v5 I/33

   2 Volumes

   Volume 1: Transcription by Joseph Schmidt-Görg

   Volume 2: Facsimile

   Review by Robert Winter Journal of the American Musicological Society, Vol. 28, No. 1 (Spring, 1975), pp. 135-138.


   An die ferne Geliebte.

   [To the Distant Beloved] Song Cycle

   Liederkreis von Alois Jeitteles Op. 98

   Faksimile nach dem im besitz des Bonner Beethovenhauses

   Befindlichen original

   Munchen: G. Henle, 1970.

   Call Number: MuR 784.3 B41 a5 score



  Autograph miscellany from circa 1786 to 1799: British Museum Additional Manuscript 29801, ff. 39-162   (The Kafka sketchbook).

  Edited by Joseph Kerman

  London: British Museum, 1970.

  Call Number: MuR 780.81 B41 K3

  Volume 1: Facsimile

  Volume 2: Transcription



   Sinfonie Nr. 9, d-Moll, op. 125.

   [Symphony No. 9, D Minor, op. 125]

   Leipzig: Peters, 1975.

   Call Number: MuR 785.1 B41 no9 P score






   Sonate für Klavier und Violine: G-dur, opus 96.

   [Violin Sonata, G Major, opus 96]

   München: G. Henle Verlag, 1977.

   With a Final Note by Martin Staehelin

   Call Number: MuR 787.1 B41 s6 no10 score





  Kesslersches Skizzenbuch: vollständiges Faksimile des Autographs.

  [Kessler Sketchbooks]

  Bonn: Beethovenhaus, 1978.

  Call Number: MuR 780.262 B41 v5 I/5

  2 Volumes

  Volume 1: Transcription by Sieghard Brandenburg

  Volume 2: Facsimile

  Reviewed by Richard Kramer, Journal of the American Musicological Society, Vol. 33, No. 3 (Autumn, 1980), pp.    596-601


  Sämtliche Kadenzen = The complete cadenzas.

  Zürich: Eulenburg, 1979.

  Edited by Willy Hess

  Call Number: MuR 785.6 B41 c7 score

  Works include Concerto in C op.15, Concerto in B flat op.19, Concerto in C minor op.37, Concerto in G op.58,
  Piano arrangement of the Violin Concerto op.61, and Mozart's Piano Concerto in D minor KV 466.



   String quartet opus 59 no. 1: first “Razumovsky” quartet, in F major.
   London: Scolar Press, 1980.

   General Editor: Alan Tyson

   Call Number: MuR 785.724 B41 op59 no1 score

   Review by: Richard Kramer, 19th-Century Music, Vol. 6, No. 1 (Summer, 1982), pp. 76-81


   String quartet opus 59 no. 2: Second “Razumovsky” quartet, in E minor.

   London: Scolar Press, 1980.

   Introduction by Alan Tyson

   Call Number: MuR 785.724 B41 op59 no2 score

   Review by: Richard Kramer, 19th-Century Music, Vol. 6, No. 1 (Summer, 1982), pp. 76-81





   Violin sonata in G major, op. 30, no. 3.

   London: British Library, 1980.

   With an introduction by Alan Tyson

   Call Number: MuR 787.1 B41 s6 op30/3 score

   Review by Richard Kramer, 19th-Century Music, Vol. 6, No. 1 (Summer, 1982), pp. 76-81





  9. Symphonie, Op. 125: Skizzen zum Finale, “Freude schöner Götterfunken,” “Alle Menschen werden   Brüder”:Faksimile des Autographs

  [Symphony No.9, Op. 125: Sketches of Finale “Joy, Beautiful divine spark”, “What fashion has rigidly sundered”]

  Wien: Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, 1983.

  Call Number: MuR 784.1840262 B41 s9 op125 score





   Klaviersonate in C-dur op. 53 (Waldstein-sonate): Faksimile-Ausgabe des im Beethoven-Haus Bonn    befindlichen

   Autographs; mit einem Vorwort ... in Neuauflage hrsg. von Martin Staehelin.

   [Piano Sonata in C Major op. 53 (Waldstein)]

   Bonn: Beethovenhaus, 1984.

   With an Introduction by Martin Staehelin 

   Call Number: MuR 786.41 B41 op53 score




   Sechs Bagatellen für Klavier op. 126: Faksimile der Handschriften und der Originalausgabe mit einem    Kommentar.

   [6 Bagatelles for Piano op. 126]

   Bonn: Beethovenhaus, 1984.

   Call Number: MuR 786.41 B41 op126

   2 volumes

   Volume 1: Autograph and sketches

   Volume 2: Original version, Transcription, Commentary

   Review by David B. Levy, Notes Second Series, Vol. 44, No. 3 (Mar., 1988), pp. 555-557


   Fünfte Symphonie, c-Moll, Opus 67: Faksimile nach dem Autograph in der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin    Preussischer


   [Symphony No. 5, C Minor, Opus 67]

   Laaber: Laaber-Verlag, 2002.

   Mit einem Kommentar herausgegeben von Rainer Cadenbach

   Call Number: MuR 784.2184 B41 no.5 M score




   Artaria 195: Beethoven's sketchbook for the Missa solemnis and the Piano sonata in E major, opus 109.

   Transcribed, edited, and with a commentary by William Kinderman 

   Urbana, Ill: University of Illinois Press, 2003.

   Call Number: MuR 780.262 B41 a7

   3 Volumes

   Volume 1: Commentary

   Volume 2: Facsimile

   Volume 3: Transcription



   A sketchbook from the year 1821 (Artaria 197): sketches for the Agnus Dei and other movements of the  Missa solemnis, the piano sonatas op. 110 and op. 111, and the canon WoO 182.

   Edited by William Drabkin

   Bonn: Verlag Beethoven-Haus, 2010.

   Call Number: MuR 780.262 B41 s4 Bd.8 score

   Volume 1: Facsimile

   Volume 2: Transcription and commentary   

   Reviewed by Nicholas Marston, Nineteenth-Century Music Review, 10, (2013), pp. 174-178


   Sinfonie no. 9, op. 125 : autograph, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Beethoven- Haus Bonn,

    Bibliothèque nationale de France  

   [Symphonies, no. 9, op. 125, D minor]

   Kassel : Bärenreiter, 2010

   Call Number: MuR 784.2184 B41 s9 no.9 L8 score


   'The Ninth: Past and Present' by Lewis Lockwood

   'Composing the Ninth' by Jonathan Del Mar

                                                                           'The Checkered History of a Manuscript' by Martina Rebmann

                                                                           (in English, German and Japanese)               

   Missa solemnis: op.123: Autograph Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Preussischer Kulturbesitz

   Kassel: Bärenreiter, 2016.

   Call Number: MuR 782.5323 B41 m6 score

   In English and German



Scholarly Studies on Beethoven sketches and facsimiles

Selected Monographs/ Book chapters

   Cooper, Barry.

   Beethoven and the creative process.

   Oxford [England]: Clarendon Press, 1990.

   Call Number: Music 780.92 B41 C77




   Drabkin, William.

   Beethoven, Missa solemnis.

   Cambridge [England]: Cambridge University Press, 1991.

   Call Number: X 782.3232 B41 m6 D7




   Drabkin, William.

   “Beethoven’s Understanding of ‘Sonata Form’: The evidence of the sketchbooks” In Beethoven’s compositional process, edited by William

   Kinderman, 14-19.

   Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press in association with the American Beethoven Society and the Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies,

   San Jose State University, 1991.

   Call Number: Music 780.92 B41 K5



    Isham Library Conference, Christoph Wolff, and Robert Riggs.

   The string quartets of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven: studies of the autograph manuscripts: a conference at Isham Memorial Library, March 15-17,


   Cambridge, Mass: Dept. of Music, Harvard University, 1980.

   Call Number: Music 785.70471 W8




    Johnson, Douglas Porter.

   “The Artaria Collection of Beethoven Manuscripts: A New Source,” In Beethoven Studies, edited by Alan Tyson, 174-236.

   New York: W.W. Norton, 1973.

   Call Number: Music 780.92 B41 T




   Johnson, Douglas Porter.

   Beethoven’s Early Sketches in the ‘Fischhof Miscellany’: Berlin Autography 28. (Volumes I and II). Ph.D. diss., University of California, Berkeley. 1978.

   Ann Arbor, Mich. : UMI Research Press, 1980.

   Call Number: X 780.943B B41 J66  v.1-2




    Johnson, Douglas Porte.

   “Deconstructing Beethoven’s sketchbooks” In Haydn, Mozart, & Beethoven: studies in the music of the classical period: essays in honor of Alan

   Tyson, edited by Alan Tyson and Sieghard Brandenburg, 225-35.

   Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1998.

   Call Number: Music 780.9033 H41 B8




   Johnson, Douglas Porter, Alan Tyson, and Robert Winter.

   The Beethoven sketchbooks: history, reconstruction, inventory.

   Berkeley: University of California Press, 1985.

   Call Number: X 780.943B B41 J




   Kramer, Richard.

   “The Sketch Itself” In Beethoven's compositional process, edited by William Kinderman, 3-5.

   Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press in association with the American Beethoven Society and the Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies, San

   Jose State University, 1991.

   Call Number: Music 780.92 B41 K5




    Nottebohm, Gustav, and Gustav Nottebohm.

   Two Beethoven sketchbooks: a description with musical extracts.

   London: Gollancz, 1979.

   Call Number: X 780.943B B41 N9




   Winter, Robert.

   “Reconstructing Riddles: the Sources for Beethoven’s Missa solemnis”, in Beethoven essays: studies in honor of Elliot Forbes, edited by Elliot

   Forbes, Lewis Lockwood, and Phyllis Benjamin, 217-250.

   Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Department of Music, 1984.

   Call Number: Music 780.92 B41 L




Selected Journal Articles

Drabkin, William. 1972. “Some relationships between the autographs of Beethoven's sonata in C minor, opus 111.” Current Musicology 13: 38-47.

Drabkin, William. 1993. “The Sketches and Autographs for the Later Movements of Beethoven’s Missa solemnis.”Beethoven Forum 2, no. 1: 97-132.

Drabkin, William. 2007. “The Songs and the Sketches for the Allegro molto from Beethoven’s Op. 110.” Beethoven Forum 14, no. 1:44-72.

Elliot, Patricia. 1990. “Studies in Beethoven Bibliography: A History and List of the ‘Lost Berlin’ Beethoven Music Manuscripts.” Beethoven Newsletter 5: 1-7.



   Klein, Hans-Günter.

   Ludwig van Beethoven: Autographe und Abschriften: Katalog.

   Berlin: Merseburger, 1975.

   Call Number: MuR 016.78092 B41 K




   Dorfmüller, Kurt, and Georg Kinsky.

   Beiträge zur Beethoven-Bibliographie: Studien und Materialien zum Werkverzeichnis von Kinsky-Halm.

   München: Henle, 1978.

   Call Number: MuR 016.78092 B41 D6






Online resource

The Beethoven bibliography database is an open source and a fully-indexed bibliography of published (and selected unpublished) materials relating to Ludwig van Beethoven. It contains over 10,000 records and much indispensable information on Beethoven. Materials included in the Database come from the Center's own rich collection of books, first and early editions of scores, manuscripts (originals and facsimiles), and periodical articles.


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