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Why using ORCID

Why using ORCID?

Distinguish your identity from others - Researchers often have similar names or even share the exact same name, which makes it difficult to specify the particular individual that others are looking for.  The ORCID initiative provides you with a unique identification and persistent profile for showcasing works that are associated with you. 


Save time - One can easily register for an ORCID iD within a few minutes. With an increased number of journal publishers incorporating ORCID with their systems, you may save time from repeatedly entering personal information during manuscript or paper submission. You are now required to only enter your information once on ORCID and reuse it in the future.


Increase research visibility - You are able to attach your ORCID iD onto all of your scholarly output, including datasets, publications, patents, multimedia resources, and notebooks, etc. Attaching it on your work could provide easy access for others to look for all of your other research output on your ORCID profile.

Connect with your research activities - You can connect your ORCID records to other publishers, funders, or institutions as ORCID has developed a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that enable interoperability between ORCID records and its member organizations. It establishes a linkage to all of your scholarly outputs and activities separated in different repositories or systems on one platform.

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