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ORCID@HKUL: Build your ORCID profile

Build your ORCID profile

Updating your profile

Once you have created an ORCID iD account, take the next steps to build your profile by updating your employment history, education and qualifications, honoured positions, membership, fundings received, and your research outputs, etc. 

It is important for you to enter your “other names” appeared in different published works. You may add them under “Also known as” on the left panel on your ORCID profile page.

Edit your account settings

Click on your name appeared at the top right of the screen and select “Account Settings” on the drop-down menu.

You may edit your preferences and password of your ORCID iD account.

Privacy and visibility setting

You are able to change the privacy and visibility settings for your ORCID records at any time on your ORCID record page. There are three visibility settings available: everyone, trusted parties, and only me.



Under this setting, your ORCID records will always be publicly available.

Trusted parties

You may choose to only grant access to any trusted parties, including organizations or individuals who are ORCID iD holders.

Only me

Under this setting, your records can only be accessed by you and any trusted individual whom you have granted access to administer your ORCID record on your behalf.


Adding your research output to your ORCID profile

After logging into your ORCID iD account, under the “Works” section, you may choose to add your works by a number of means, including search and link, add ArXiv ID, add DOI, add PubMed ID, and import BibTeX.

Search and link

You may directly search for your published work by selecting “search & link”. Under this option, you may firstly choose one of the listed link wizards to get started. There are common partners including Crossref metadata search, DataCite, Scopus - Elsevier, etc. Please refer to this page for further details on adding works via search and link.


Add ArXiv ID/DOI/PubMed ID

If an ArXiv ID / Digital Object Identifier (DOI) / PubMed ID has been assigned to your published work, you may simply enter the respective identifier of your published output, and click on “retrieve work details”. Adding a DOI has been taken as an example shown below:

Fill in the metadata as required on the form. Click on “add to list” to confirm the submission.


Import BibTex

If you already have your BibTex file on hand, you may browse your computer and upload the file. Click on “Choose file”.

Select the BibTex file saved on your computer and press the “open” button.

Click on the “save” button (appeared as a floppy disc) to save the record onto your profile. Please note that the uploading process is not completed until you have clicked on the “save” button.

You may further edit your uploaded record by clicking on the “edit” icon (appeared as a pencil) at the right bottom corner.

Adding additional email account to your ORCID record

It is recommended to associate your permanent personal email account with your ORCID record in order to avoid losing access to your records. Please refer to the below steps on how to add an extra email address to your ORCID account:

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