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Useful Resources

You may find some useful resources on citation and writing assistance here:


1. Citing Sources

If you are referring to other authors' ideas, you would need to cite the sources as in text citations and bibliography.

Citation Styles

When writing an academic paper, you need to cite your sources. Different subjects have their specific citation styles. Ask your professor which citation style to use for the course. Check out this reading list for resources on various citation styles.


Bibliographical Management Software

EndNote is a bibliographical management software package designed to help you to organize bibliographic references, and search and retrieve relevant citations. All current HKU staff and students can download this software. For more information, check out the EndNote@HKU webpage.

Besides EndNote, other citation management tools could help you with organizing, managing, and formatting citations, for example, Zotero and Mendeley. As their functions and features vary, you are suggested to do some research before using them.


2. Writing Assistance

Academic Writer

Academic Writer is a tool to help students with APA Style and academic writing. You can sign up for a free account to learn to write and manage your references and paper templates. There is a reference generator to help with citations.


Communication Support Services

If you need someone to review your paper, you may contact the Communication Support Services (CSS) from the Centre of Applied English Studies (CAES). CSS offers a variety of consultations, workshops, and discussions to help UGC-funded students improve their English.