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Turnitin Draft Coach

Turnitin Draft Coach

Draft Coach is a learning tool to perform prior checking on documents created using Microsoft Word Online at HKU. It includes three main functions: Similarity Check, Citation Check, and Grammar Guide. Other than showing the overall percentage of the similarity score in the document, it can also provide some writing suggestions from an academic view and give citation guidelines in real time.  


Who can use:

  • Current HKU staff and students with email accounts that are running on Microsoft 365 platform



Similarity Check helps check unintentional plagiarism in assignments.

After activation, the contents of your document will be compared with databases, which includes current and archived content from the Internet, a database of student papers that have been submitted to Turnitin, and a collection of documents consisting of thousands of periodicals, journals, and publications. Each document can run 3 times. Meanwhile, you may select Full Report to configure some advanced settings, for example, excluding citations and bibliographies, and eliminating repositories options.


  1. Running a Similarity Check will not add your document to Turnitin database for future matching.
  2. Please use the Turnitin assignment box created by your instructors/ faculty office for formal assignments / theses submission.


Citation Check can detect missing pairs of in-text citations or references in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles. You may use it as a cross checking in your assignment. However, this check does not assess the accuracy of your citation format or whether you are missing citations in the document.

Through Grammar Guide, you can identify potential grammatical mistakes using US-English grammar rules. The categorized potential errors will be given suggestions on how to improve. You may also select Show Details to reveal the summary of your mentioned issues. As the guide does not auto correct any of your mistakes, you may review the contents and apply the feedback on your own.

Install Draft Coach Add-In

Install Draft Coach Add-In

1. Use a browser to open an online Microsoft Word document.

2.  a) Click File > Get Add-ins; or

     b) Select Add-ins from the Home tab.

A step of install Add-ins on Word Home tab

3.  Select More Add-ins to explore Office Add-ins.

A step of select More Add-ins to explore Office Add-ins.

4.  Click Admin Managed on the Office Add-ins window, select Turnitin Draft Coach and click Add.

A step of add Turnitin Draft Coach on the Office Add-ins windows

5.  Select Turnitin Tab and choose Draft Coach, the Draft Coach Panel will then show on the right-hand side.

A step of display Turnitin Draft Coach Panel

6.  Read the License Agreement carefully, check in the box “I agree to the terms and conditions”, and then press “Continue to Draft Coach”.

A step of read and accept Turnitin Draft Coach License Agreement