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For Students

Student Account

Access via Access via Moodle

Two ways to set up a student account:

1. Instructors can give a set of Class ID and Enrollment Key to students. Then, students can set up their accounts with the set of Class ID and Enrollment Key.

2. Instructors can enroll students in a class. Students will receive a welcome email from Turnitin. Follow the instruction in the email to set up an account.

Note: Use your HKU email address to set up your account.

No need to create a student account. You can access the Turnitin assignment box in your Moodle course if you instructor has created one.

Student FAQ

1. If I have submitted a Turnitin assignment via Moodle before, how can I submit a paper to another class on with the same email address?

You should have a student account automatically created by Turnitin once you have submitted a Turnitin assignment via Moodle. Please reset your password with your HKU email address and last name on to gain access to that platform.

2. If I already have a student account with a set of Class ID and Enrollment Key, how can I enroll in a class?

3. Can I pre-check my papers in Turnitin before sending them to my instructor?

Papers must be submitted to assignment boxes that are created by instructors. If re-submission is allowed, students may revise and re-submit the papers many times until the due date. For thesis checking, students may approach the Faculty Office or the course supervisor, who can set up a student account and give the corresponding Class ID and Enrollment key for students to submit the paper at directly.

4. Shall I use other free plagiarism detection tools before uploading my assignment to Turnitin?
Students need to know the terms and conditions of these plagiarism detection tools for handling submitted papers. Privacy may not be protected if such platforms keep the submitted papers perpetually for access by others or even for sale to make a profit.

5. How do I submit an assignment for checking in Turnitin?

6. What are the file requirements and formats for a Turnitin assignment submission?

7. Can I submit multiple files to a Turnitin assignment box?

8. Can I submit my assignment more than once to Turnitin?

9. How long does it take for a Similarity Report to be generated?

10. Why has the Similarity report not been generated?

11. How do I get a similarity report?

12. What is a Similarity Report?

13. What does the color on my Similarity Report mean?

14. My paper got a 100% match, what can I do?

Check if you have submitted the paper to another assignment box previously. Explain to the instructor of that assignment box and request for a paper deletion.

If you did not submit it elsewhere, the instructor could make a paper view request to identify the matched paper. The instructor may also exclude the matching source if needed.

15. How can I view the match source details?

16. I have accidentally submitted the wrong paper to Turnitin, can a student request to delete a paper?

If the paper is submitted via Moodle, a student needs to seek the instructor's approval and send to Email-A-Librarian together with the paper ID for a permanent paper deletion request. The Libraries will contact Turnitin for the paper deletion. Usually, it takes a few working days to complete the deletion. If the paper is submitted via, the student needs to seek the instructor's approval. Once approved, the instructor can submit a paper deletion request at

17. How can I access an old submission if I am no longer enrolled in the class?

18. I receive an M14:11 error when trying to view a submission. What can I do?