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The Libraries offers a service of compiling citation certification reports for researchers in support of their awards and research funding applications.

For enquiries, please Email-a-Librarian: 

(To: Information Search)


Citation Certification Reports

Cited Reference Search

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A. Scope of Service

Cited reference search traces the number of times a work has been cited and the list of citing articles since its publication. The search is performed in the citation database(s) of your choice and the report compiled will include times cited, along with the optional list of citing articles under each publication.


B. Terms and Conditions

1. A fee-based service is available to current HKU staff members only.

2. The service charge is counted based on the number of publications and the databases used.

3. Requests have to be submitted at least 10 working days in advance.

4. The requester will be informed whether the search can be completed within the expected time frame. It may take longer depending on the complexity of the request.

5. Understand the following limitations:

  • Databases currently available in the market do not index all journals. Date coverage for each journal also differs. Therefore, conducting a cited reference search may not be able to trace all citations to the publications of a researcher.
  • Data quality of the databases is beyond the Libraries' control, e.g. discrepancies in author name format.
  • Citation databases usually index journal articles. Books, book chapters, conference proceedings, dissertations, and technical reports may not be included.
  • Journal articles in press may not be included in citation databases.

Publication Certificate

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A. Scope of Service

A publication certificate can be issued as proof that:

1. A publication is indexed in a database, e.g. IEEE Xplore digital library, Scopus, Web of Science.

2. A publication has earned an award, e.g. Highly Cited Papers in InCites Essential Science Indicator.


B. Terms and Conditions

1. A fee-based service is available to current HKU staff and students only.

2. Each certificate can include up to 2 publications.

3. Requests have to be submitted at least 5 working days in advance.