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Library Guide for Postgraduate Students

Academic Honesty

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The University of Hong Kong takes pride in its academic excellence and its outstanding students. In your academic journey, honesty is the foundation of your pursuit of knowledge. Whether in classrooms, laboratories, field sites, studios, or online, you as students are expected to conduct yourselves honestly and with integrity. One of your key responsibilities is to ensure that you properly credit the materials you use to develop your ideas and academic work. So, cite properly and avoid plagiarism. This is central to the value of academic honesty.

Join the online course ILT01 Information Literacy Training: Academic Honesty to learn:

  1. What is plagiarism
  2. Why need to cite
  3. When to cite
  4. How to cite properly
  5. Citation styles
  6. Citation tools available to you
  7. What is Turnitin

Also take a look at the HKU Plagiarism webpage for more information and learning resources on plagiarism.

Citation Styles

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For different subjects, you may be required to use different citation styles. For example MLA is common in humanities while APA is common in social sciences. Check with your instructors about which citation style to use before you write your papers.

Need more information on the different citations styles? Check-out this reading list for resources on various citation styles.


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EndNote is a bibliographical management software package designed to help you to organize bibliographic references and create a bibliography. Endnote allows you to search, retrieve relevant citations, and builds your bibliography, all within one program.

HKU has signed a site licence agreement with EndNote, which permits all current HKU staff and students to use the software both on campus and at home.

For more information and downloading, check-out the Endnote@HKU webpage.


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Turnitin offers Similarity Check on students' work for proper citation or potential plagiarism. Once a paper is submitted to Turnitin, it will compare with documents in a continuously updated database consisting of current and archived web pages, millions of student papers worldwide, and collections of newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, e-Books and e-Texts.

Draft Coach is a tool for prior checking on documents created using Microsoft Word Online at HKU. It includes three main functions: Similarity Check, Citation Check, and Grammar Guide. It can display an overall percentage of the similarity score in the document, as well as provides writing suggestions and citation guidelines in real time. 

Take a look at the Turnitin@HKU webpage for more information.