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DataHub: Getting Started


Step 1: Log in

Go the website of Data Hub of University of Hong Kong at <> and click “Log in”.



Step 2: Authenticate your account

Login with your HKU Portal ID and Password under the HKUL authentication page.

Once you have successfully authenticated your account, you can manage your data, projects, collections and activities at the DataHub.



If you have encountered redirection issues after login, especially your HKU Portal login credentials have been saved on the web browser, you are suggested to try the following alternatives for logging into DataHub:

  1. Clear caches, browsing history, and cookies on the browser you are currently using, and then re-open the browser and try to login to DataHub again.
  2. Try to login to DataHub via Chrome (Incognito) / Firefox (Private) mode.
  3. Try to login to DataHub via other web browsers other than the one you are using, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari.


For HKU Users who do not have a DataHub account:

You may submit your data via the non-login submission page ( without going through the HKU authentication. Please refer to a detailed guide on how to submit data via the non-login submission page


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