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Author Profile: Web of Science ReserarcherID / Publons

Web of Science ReserarcherID / Publons Profile

Web of Science ResearcherID / Publons Profile

The ResearcherID / Publons profile allows researchers to add their publications that are indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection and import other publications by synchronizing with ORCID or performing DOI search. It provides citation metrics, such as total citation counts and h-index, so that researchers could track the visibility of their research output.

The Web of Science ResearcherID conveys 9 digits, starting with an English letter and followed by 8 numbers. It serves as an unique identifier for your profile and it links all of your research publications across all Web of Science group products.

The Web of Science ResearcherID has now been moved to Publons. You may register a new Publons profile account if you do not have a ResearcherID profile before. Researchers with a ResearcherID account could also login with your usual credentials on Publons in order to manage your profile.


Registering for Publons Account

Go to Publons at

For new users, click on “Join Publons Now” for registering a new account.

For users with a ResearcherID profile created before, login by clicking on “Login to ResearcherID on Publons”.




Adding Publications to your ResearcherID / Publons Profile

You may start to build up your ResearcherID / Publons profile once you have registered for a Web of Science ResearcherID. 

After logging into your ResearcherID / Publons account, select “Publications” on the left menu and click on “Import Publications”.


You may import your publication to your ResearcherID / Publons profile in a number of ways:


1. Select from the Web of Science Core Collection database

The system will search for any publications indexed in Web of Science that match your email address or name(s). You may select the publication(s) and click on “submit” to claim the publication record.


2. Synchronize with your ORCID record

Please refer to this page for the guidelines on how to link your ResearchID profile to your ORCID profile. After setting up an authorization to Publons to access your ORCID records, you may click on the “Sync my publications from ORCID” button to start retrieving the records from ORCID to your ResearcherID / Publons profile.


3. Import by identifiers (e.g. DOI, PubMed ID, or arXiv ID)

You may enter the unique identifier(s) of your publication (e.g. DOI, PubMed ID, or arXiv ID) or search by the title in order to add it one-by-one into your profile.


4. Upload a file (RIS, CSV, or BibTex)

If you already have a file containing your publication details, you may simply select the file from your device and upload it onto Publons.


Integrating with ORCID

You could also integrate your ResearcherID / Publons Profile with your ORCID profile. Please refer to this page “Link ORCID to other systems” in our ORCID@HKUL LibGuide.

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