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Author Profile: Scopus Author ID

Scopus Author Profile

Scopus Author Profile

A Scopus author profile will be automatically created for you once you have any publications indexed in their database. Therefore, you are not required to do any registration and spend time on entering your personal information again on Scopus. On your profile, you will be assigned a Scopus Author ID which is unique and persistent. 

Although the system would add and match your published work on Scopus or Elsevier with your profile automatically, it is always important for you to double check if the information matched on your profile is correct and accurate. 

To look for your Scopus Author profile and ID, simply perform a search on Scopus in the following steps:

Go to Scopus ( and click on “Author Search”.


Enter your first and last name, as well as your affiliation, then click on “search”.


Click into the correct record of your Scopus profile.


Please note that there may be multiple profiles that may belong to you if you have publications with different name variants or affiliations. You will have to select the profiles and click on “Request to merge authors” for requesting a merge of your profiles.


Go through the steps via the Scopus author feedback wizard and submit your request by clicking on “Proceed to make changes”. It may take 1-2 weeks for Scopus to handle your request.


Integrating with ORCID
You could also integrate your Scopus Author Profile with your ORCID profile. Please refer to this page “Link ORCID to other systems” in our ORCID@HKUL LibGuide.

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