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What is Open Access?

Open access (OA) means making research publications freely available so anyone can benefit from reading and using research.

Open access can be more than making research available to read, but also allowing others to re-use that research. Research data and books are also increasingly made available openly.

Open access is part of a wider ‘open’ movement to encourage free exchange of knowledge and resources in order to widen access and encourage creativity.

Learn more about OA by watching the videos of (1) ‘What is Open Access?’ and (2) ‘Open Access Explained!’

Source: Jisc.

Benefits of Open Access

Open Access has the following benefits:

  • More exposure for your work
  • Practitioners can apply your findings
  • Higher citation rates
  • Your research can influence policy
  • The public can access your findings
  • Compliant with grant rules
  • Taxpayers get value for money
  • Researchers in developing countries can see your work  

Source: Jisc.