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InfoLit for U: Register and Enroll

About InfoLit for U

Create KEEP account

1. Go to the webpage of KEEP, the MOOC platform, to create an account for the course:

KEEP, the MOOC platform website

2. Scroll down the “Create KEEP account” page, and click “University account” at the bottom.

A step of create account with University account

3. Click “University account”.

A step of click University account button

4. Select “The University of Hong Kong” icon.

A step of select icon of The University of Hong Kong

5. Login with your HKU Portal UID and password.

A step of login with HKU Portal account

6. Select the option for information release consent duration and click “Accept”.

A page of Information to be Provided to Service

7. Create your own username, click “Create” to set up your KEEP account.

A step of set up your KEEP account


Course enrollment for "InfoLit for U"

1. Go to the webpage of "InfoLit for U" online course, and click "Enroll Now".

KEEP, the MOOC platform website

2. Click "View Course" for accessing the course.

A step of access InfoLit for U course

3. Click "Start Course" to view the course content.

A step of view InfoLit for U course content

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