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InfoLit for U: Structure

About InfoLit for U

Overview of InfoLit for U Course Modules

The course consists of 1 focal module for all students and 8 disciplinary related modules for students of specific disciplines. The participants may receive an achievement certificate after completing the quizzes. 

About InfoLit for U

Focal Module (for all students)

At the “Not only search skills: What is InfoLit for U study & career?", you will learn how to use the information in the university learning context:

Through the following five sections, you will learn how to

  • Think & plan the "Info Needs" of your research
  • Don't find answers: Search for ideas to develop ideas
  • Not just filter: Evaluate ideas to form new ideas
  • Never list them: Connect ideas to create your own idea
  • Stay hungry: Join & learn from communities

Introduction of InfoLit for U Focal Module

About InfoLit for U

Disciplinary Modules (for students of specific disciplines)

They consist of 8 discipline-related elective modules, designed by the participating university libraries.

Introduction of InfoLit for U Disciplinary Modules

These courses help find, evaluate and create high-quality tasks related to the disciplines listed below:

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Business & Economics
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Medicine & Health related studies
  • Science
  • Social Sciences

About InfoLit for U

Achievement certificate

Participants will receive an achievement certificate by “InfoLit for U” MOOC after completing the "Check your understanding" questions in the focal module and one of the discipline-related modules with 70% or above correct rate.