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Library Orientation for HKU SPACE International College & Community College Students: Find an Article

Getting Started Guide for HKU SPACE International College and Community College students


Database: Find@HKUL

  1. Go to HKUL homepage 
  2. Start with the search box on the HKUL homepage.

Find an Article


Find this Article:

Inger, S., & Gardner, T. (2016). How readers discover content in scholarly publications. Information Services & Use, 36, 81-97.

1. Search

(a) Click "Author / Title ".

(b) Enter the Article Title and press Enter.

2. Locate

(a) Click on the article to show all Multiple Sources if available. 

(c) Login with your Library card number and PIN for access.

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Tips: When article cannot be found in Find@HKUL...


Luce, R. (1980). Several possible measures of risk. Theory and Decision,12(3), 217-228.

1. Advanced Search

(a) Go to Find@HKUL. Click "Advanced Search".

(b) Select Books+ as the search scope.

(c) Search by journal title.

2. Check holdings of the journal 

Print journal

(a) Click the journal title to check HKUL holdings from Get it tab. 

(c) HKUL has 1980 issue. You may locate the print journal and read the article.

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(a) Click the journal title to check HKUL holdings from View it tab. 

(c) HKUL subscription does not carry 1980. Therefore, no full-text available.

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