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Linguistics: Internet Resources

Subject guide to Linguistics resources for study or research of the subject

Internet Resources

Chinese language resources This site guides to information on background about Chinese, learning Chinese on the Web, Chinese books and software and other Chinese resources pages.

Ethnologue : languages of the world A catalog of the world's languages including information on alternate names, number of speakers, location, dialects, linguistic affiliation, and other sociolinguistic and demographic information.

The Internet grammar of English Features the "Internet Grammar of English," an online course, which is accessible free of charge to users at United Kingdom educational institutions. Notes that the course was written by the Survey of English Usage, a research unit of the English Department at University College London.

Linguistic resources on the Internet Maintained by SIL International, the site provides a comprehensive, searchable database of linguistics resources, including computational linguistics and natural language processing.

Language Software Reviews compare the most popular software for language learning and find out which products work and which not.