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American Studies: Reference Materials

Subject guide to American Studies resources for study or research of the subject

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Reference Materials

American writers Created by C-SPAN, American writers explores the influences of 45 U.S. authors from 1600-1975, with video clips and portraits for some of them. American Writers II: The 20th Century, explores American history through the lives and works of selected twentieth century American writers who have influenced the course of the American nation and looks at what their works mean to Americans today.

Fedstats Presents Fedstats, a Web site maintained by the Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy that offers access to statistics and information produced by over 70 U.S. governmental agencies. Lists the agencies. Provides regional statistics on agriculture, demographics and economics, crime, education, energy and the environment, health, labor, and national accounts. Includes policy information and documents from various agencies in a portable document format (PDF).

The Oxford Companion to United States History

State and local government on the net