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Researcher Connect] October 2022 – Open Science and Open Access Publishing Webinar 2022

by Learning and Research Services HKUL on 2022-10-27T09:40:50+08:00 | 0 Comments


Researcher Connect, managed by the HKU Libraries, is a blog designed for the HKU research community, bringing community members the latest news and trends in research support services, as well as the updates of scholarly communication support initiatives and events available at the HKU Libraries.

What’s New?


Open Science and Open Access Publishing Webinar 2022

The HKU Libraries is organizing a webinar regarding Open Science and Open Access Publishing on 28 October 2022 (Friday) from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Hong Kong time). Guest speakers from iGroup Asia Pacific, PLOS, and DOAJ are invited to deliver speeches related to open sciences and best practices in open access publishing…

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How to Identify and Avoid Disinformation and Misinformation

Disinformation or misinformation is not a new phenomenon and they could be found anywhere in our daily lives. They may not only affect us in economical or social aspects, but also in academic studies and scientific research…

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Ways to boost your citations – Data Sharing 

Data sharing is getting support from the academic communities as favourable practice in scholarly publishing. It can enable researchers to replicate findings, build on others’ expertise, and reuse existing data for making new discoveries (Gilmore et al., 2018)…

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Communicating research impact in academic CVs

CV, an abbreviation for the Latin curriculum vitae, meaning “course of (one’s) life”, presents a detailed summary of academic background and degrees, job experience, research, publications, presentations and lectures, honours, and other accomplishments (Rogers)…

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Preprints 2: Concerns and Implications

Following the previous post on introduction and benefits of preprints, this blog post will briefly introduce concerns on preprints and some implications to readers and authors. Missed the previous post? Check the post here.…

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Connected Papers: A visual tool that helps speed up your literature search

Struggling to search research papers by inputting keywords or topics in the traditional databases or Google for your literature review? In this blog, we introduce Connected Papers.…

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Top HKU Researchers: the Rankings

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) has a highly talented pool of scholars and researchers in a wide range of expertise. Our researchers have built impressive profiles with their innovative, high-impact and leading-edge research…

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