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Music: Special Topics: Novels & biographical novels about Music & Musicians


Music Collection has collected music novels for your leisure reading, which feature interesting stories about music and musicians. You’ll see how writers portray lives of musicians in social and cultural contexts. You may be surprised some of your favorite music, mentioned in novels, could have an impact on one’s life. Or you may wish to know musicians’ personal struggles behind a glorious stage.

Novels & biographical novels about Music & Musicians

   Accordion Crimes (1996): the immigrant experience in America to life through the eyes of the descendants    of Mexicans, Poles, etc …, all linked by their successive ownership of a green accordion

   Annie Proulx

   Music Library » Music 815.1 P968 C3 a1




   Beethoven’s Hair (2000): a story to uncover why Beethoven was deaf

   Russell Martin

   Music Library » Music 780.92 B41 m





   Clara: A Novel (2004): love and romance of Clara Schumann, a celebrated pianist, and Robert Schumann, a well-known    composer of the nineteenth century

   Janice Galloway

   Music Library » Music 829.1 G174 C3 c





   Cry to Heaven (1995): the castrati of the 17th and 18th centuries in Italy

   Anne Rice

   Music Library » Music 815.1 R495 C3 c9






    Hilary and Jackie (1998): a story of the famous cellist Jacqueline du Pré (1945-1987) unfolded by her older sister Hilary    and younger brother Piers

   Hilary du Pré and Piers du Pré

   Music Library » Music 787.4092 D942 h64






    Indivisible by Four: A String Quartet in pursuit of harmony (2000): written by the first violinist of the Guarneri Quartet,    an American string quartet founded in 1964

   Arnold Steinhardt

   Music Library » Music 785.7194 G91 S82






    Listening to Brahms (2013): A love story begins when Brahms’ Rhapsody No 2 in G Minor was played

   Rosemary Allen

   Music Library » Music 829.1 A428 C3 l7







   Schubert: Twelve Moments Musicaux and a Novel (1995): reading the life of Franz Schubert (1797-1828) in a lyrical    biographical novel

   Peter Härtling

   Music Library » Music 833.914 H332 s38






    Sight Reading: A Novel (2013): a love story involved a family of gifted violinist and a Scottish composer-conductor from    Europe to America

   Daphne Kalotay

   Music Library » Music 815.1 K143 C3 s






   Trio: A Novel about the Schumanns and Brahms (2004): “There was no understanding Brahms without understanding    his relationship with Clara (with whom he fell in love) and Robert (who became his mentor)”

   Boman Desai

   Music Library » Music 829.9541 D44 C3 t






   Vivaldi’s Virgins: A Novel (2008): Through an abandoned child Anna Maria’s quest to unveil her identity, the study under    Antonio Vivaldi and musical life of eighteenth-century Venice is shown

   Barbara Quick

   Music Library » Music 815.1 Q6 C3 v