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At HKU: Resources for creating accessible virtual teaching and learning

Funded by the UGC Special Grant for Strategic Development of virtual teaching and learning, the Faculty of Education had launched the “Virtual Learning Accessibility Toolkit” and the “#IDEALeaders Self-learning Video Series” to facilitate the adoption of accessible virtual teaching and learning materials.


The “Virtual Learning Accessibility Toolkit” is a site of extensive resources to improve virtual teaching and learning, complete with guidelines, accessible PowerPoint and course outline templates, and lists of other available resources at and beyond HKU.

Link to Virtual Learning Accessibility Toolkit, Guidelines on accesible digital education materials an virtual learning environment webpage of the Faculty of Education


The #IDEALeaders Self-learning Video Series” is a series of 15 videos covering a wide range of useful topics, from introducing the concept of accessibility to providing tips for using various digital educational tools.


Self-learning modules on HKU Online Learning platform [HKU Portal Login required] are also made available for further interests.

Link to Self-learning modules on HKU Online Learning platform

Beyond HKU: Resources for making your teaching materials accessible

Using Universal Design for Learning to Enhance Information Literacy Programs: Online and in Library, The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)

Link to IFLA resources


Keeping Up With… Universal Design for LearningThe Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL)

Link to ACRL resources


Equal Access: Universal Design of Libraries

Link to Equal Access: Universal Design of Libraries


Accessibility, University of South Carolina   

Link to University of South Carolina resources


Accessibility considerations for online teaching, Stanford University 

Link to Stanford University resources


Podcasting, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative 

Link to EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative resources