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AI Literacy: GenAI Tools for Learning and Research


By considering factors such as functionality, ease of use, and scalability, we wish to help you make appropriate decisions with your learning and research needs and leverage the power of AI. You may click on a specific hyperlink in the guide below for further reference.

Note: This guide only provides you with options for GenAI tools for enhancing your learning and research experience. You are strongly advised to use GenAI tools ethically, appropriately, and with a thorough understanding of their capabilities and potential implications. Respect intellectual property rights, adhere to ethical guidelines, and exercise responsible usage to contribute positively to the academic and research community.

GenAI tools for Learning and Research

Selected GenAI Tools for Research


Assistant by Scite

Assistant by Scite













(Assistant by scite, Nov 2023)


Ask questions and get more reliable academic answers from the full texts of research articles with citations on Assistant by Scite. HKU students and staff can use it for free with an HKU license.

Quick access via HKUL




(ResearchRabbit, Nov 2023)


ResearchRabbit can generate Interactive Visualizations on networks of papers and co-authorships.                                                                    



Connected Papers Elicit













(Connected Papers, Nov 2023)


Explore connected papers in a visual graph by keyword/paper title/paper identifier search. In the graph, papers are arranged according to their similarity (About Connected Papers, Nov 2023).                                                         




(Elicit, Nov 2023)


The AI Research Assistant can help find literature by summarizing papers, extracting data by answering your research questions and synthesizing your findings.


Selected GenAI Tools for Writing




(Compose AI, Nov 2023)


A Chrome extension that saves writing time with AI-powered autocompletion & text generationYou may refer to the Guide for its usage.  



(Rytr, Nov 2023)


Free AI Content Generator & Writing Assistant. It can help you create blogs, emails, profile bios, blogs and posts, etc.



Selected GenAI Tools for Reading and Summarization








(ChatPDF, Nov 2023)


ChatPDF can summarize and answer questions from PDF documents after you upload a PDF document or connect to the URL of a PDF document with AI.                                                                                                           



(ChatDOC, Nov 2023)


An AI tool for you to chat with documents - get answers with sources for your questions. It can help extract, locate, and summarize information from documents (.pdf, .doc, .docx, .md, .epub, .txt, website, and scanned files) (ChatDOC, Nov 2023).



Selected GenAI Tools for Data Analysis


Numerous AI



(Numerous.aiNov 2023) can help extract text, categorize, generate formulas, and use ChatGPT right inside the cells in spreadsheets.                                 





 (AkkioNov 2023)


You can process the data and explore the dataset with AI-powered analytics and visualizations by prompts in Akkio, facilitating some of your data tasks.