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What is AI Literacy?

Referring to HKU Policy on Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence for Teaching and Learning, AI literacy comprises the ability to comprehend, use, interact with, and make informed decisions regarding AI technology in daily life. It involves understanding the basic principles of AI, recognizing its applications, and being aware of ethical, social, and privacy implications while responsibly engaging with AI systems.

This guide with curated learning resources aims to help HKU students and staff 1) deepen their understanding of AI, 2) learn about some Generative AI (GenAI) tools or AI-empowered tools that can enhance their learning and research experience, and 3) make individual decisions on selecting appropriate AI tools based on their own learning and research needs.

HKU GenAI Policy

HKU introduces new policy to fully integrate GenAI in teaching and learning

01 Aug 2023

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is embracing generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) tools, such as ChatGPT, in teaching and learning to actively enhance students' cognitive abilities and application skills. The University will provide resources and support, enabling staff and students to not only be users of GenAI but also pioneers in exploring its potential applications.

You may log in with your HKU email account to see the details in the policy document: HKU Policy on Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence for Teaching and Learning.

HKU Bulletin on AI

HKU Bulletin

Stay updated with the latest news on AI at HKU. Visit HKU Bulletin for their November 2023 (Volume 25, No. 1) cover story "Game-Changer: Research and Reflections on AI".


When is it safe to use GenAI?

Core Principles on the Use of AI for Teaching and Learning

For more resources, check out the core principles on the use of AI for teaching and learning developed by AI in Education@HKU (AIED), a hub of resources for AI-enhanced learning.

GenAI Tools with HKU Licenses


A language model service offered by OpenAI and accessed by HKU staff and students. You may log in with your HKU Portal account to use the HKU ChatGPT. 



Service for creating images from text offered by OpenAI and accessed by HKU staff and students. You may log in with your HKU Portal account to use the HKU DALL·E. 


HKU Scite

HKU Libraries subscribe to Scite to support HKU researchers. Scite, which is known as Smart Citations for Better Research, helps researchers discover and evaluate scientific articles. You may refer to the libguide page for the details of Scite. It has a sub-section of Scite Assistant that can answer your questions with generated text and embedded references from articles.


Yoodli - AI Speech Coach (For HKU Students Only)

Yoodli offers personalized feedback from an AI Speech Coach to help HKU students sharpen their public speaking and presentation skills. Click on this PDF document for more information and the registration link.

Industry Report for Early Careers

The Industry Report for Early Careers presented by CEDARS explores how AI is affecting university students' career management, offering insights into the future of employment and the skills necessary to succeed in this evolving job market.