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Refinitiv Workspace for Students Guide

What is Refinitiv Workspace

Refinitiv Workspace for Students is the student version of Refinitiv flagship product. Apart from Refinitiv Workspace, our users can also use Datastream add-on to access financial data in deep.

Please note that Refinitiv Workspace is for academic purposes only. Any use for commercial purposes, including internships, is prohibited. Upon completing projects or coursework, users should make every effort to delete this information or data. Any unauthorized use will be reported to Refinitiv immediately and access will be terminated without further notice.

Who can register


Current HKU full-time teaching/research staff and students can apply for the access. Access will be approved based on the availability of license. If all the licenses are used up, your access will be assigned when there is license available again. Due to the limited number of licenses, access will be granted for one-month for each application. You should note your project due date when you apply for the access. After your access is expired, you should apply the access again if you still need the data. It will be approved depending on the availability of the licenses.

No urgent request will be responded. If you need data urgently, please consider to use other e-resources


Assignment of login is subjected to the availability of license, and the user cannot continuously occupy the license based on the principle of fairness. ALL the licenses are used up, please apply again in June 2024. 





How to register

Fill in the self-registration at:

1. You have to use your HKU Email address and click 'Next' to proceed.

2. You will receive a verification email, click the link in email and complete the registration. Please fill in following user details:

  • User Location: select ‘The University of Hong Kong’
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Reference: you must select your HKU status (Student, or Faculty/Staff)
  • Add On: select ‘Datastream’ 
  • Click 'Register now'









When will I get the notification


  1. After the registration form has been submitted, you request will be reviewed on next working day. It may take up to 7 days for your account application to be activated.
  2. You will receive a Welcome email from Refinitiv after your request is approved. Please also check your junk mail folder.
  3. Follow the 'Get Refinitiv Workspace' link to set up your own password and complete the registration process.
  4. You can access the web version using your web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari) or download the application to your device.


  Instruction video: Installing Refinitiv Workspace & Web Access