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Education Studies

This guide highlights the library resources available in the field of Education Studies.

Find Articles

If you are looking for journal articles but you are not sure using which database to start your research, try Find@HKUL. It can search the major library databases at once.

Follow the steps below to find journal articles in Find@HKUL.

 Step 1. 

Go to Find@HKUL and type in keywords or the article title e.g. Curriculum Inquiry

 Step 2.

Select the search scope “Articles+”

Find Articles_Find at HKUL_Select Search Scope_Articles Plus

 Step 3.

On the right panel of the page, refine results to “Peer-reviewed Journals”. You may also refine results by publication year range in the box “Year”

 Step 4.

Click Download PDF” which gives a direct PDF download to the article (This option is only displayed given that a direct path to PDF is available)

Click “Full text available” to view the full text of the article

Click “View Issue Contents” which links to the table of contents of the issue where the article was published.

Find Articles_Find at HKUL_Refine Results


Google Scholar_Logo

Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. Search results from Google Scholar do not always come with full-text but you can change the setting in your Google Scholar to link the search results to the Library’s subscribed databases.  If the resources are available within the Library's subscriptions, the icon "View It@HKUL" will allow you to access the full text from the databases.

Google Scholar_Search Result_View It at HKUL

Follow the steps below to configure your Google Scholar settings:

 Step 1. Go to and click on “Settings”

 Step 2. Click on "Library Links" on the left

 Step 3. Enter "HKU" in search box

 Step 4. Select "The University of Hong Kong - View It@HKUL"

 Step 5. “Save” the settings


When you retrieve articles directly from the publishers’ websites, you may be asked to pay for access as they do not recognize that you are affiliated with HKU Libraries.

Two handy tools HKUL Search Assistant plugin (browser extension) and Reload via HKUL (bookmarklet) help you to reload the publishers’ websites and retrieve resources via Libraries’ subscription. Check the below criteria to add the tools on your browsers:

HKU Library Search Assistant  Reload via HKUL
Get access to e-resources from non-HKUL websites Yes Yes
Perform Searching Yes  No
Supporting Devices Computer Computer
iPhone, iPad (iOS devices)
Supporting Browsers
(Click to check the installation guides)
Microsoft Edge
Safari (Computer)
Safari on iPad
Safari on iPhone
Chrome on iPad
Chrome on iPhone

Database Highlight

Education in Video


An online collection of videos available for the study of teaching methods and education theory
 will find teaching demonstrations, lectures, documentaries, and primary-source footage of students and teachers in actual classrooms

Find Journals

Action in teacher education

A forum for the exchange of information and ideas related to the improvement of teacher education at all levels. 
Adult_Education_Quarterly Adult Education Quarterly

A quarterly scholarly refereed journal committed to advancing the understanding and practice of adult and continuing education
American Educational Research Journal

The flagship journal of American Educational Research Association, with articles that advance the empirical, theoretical, and methodological understanding of education and learning.

Asia Pacific Journal of Education

It focuses on major shifts in educational policy and governance, curriculum and pedagogy, and on the everyday lives and practices of students and teachers in the Asia-Pacific Rim.
British Educational Research Journal

An international peer reviewed medium for the publication of articles of interest to researchers in education throughout the world.
Cognition and Instruction

It involves rigorous study of foundational issues concerning the mental, socio-cultural, and mediational processes and conditions of learning and intellectual competence.

Curriculum Inquiry

A leading international journal in the field of curriculum studies.
Educational research review 

It is an international journal aimed at researchers and various agencies interested to review studies in education and instruction at any level.
Elementary School Journal

It publishes peer-reviewed articles that pertain to both education theory and research and their implications for teaching practice.
Harvard_Educational_Review Harvard Educational Review

It provides an interdisciplinary forum for discussion and debate about education's most vital issues.
Journal of Education for Teaching

It publishes original contributions on the subject of teacher education.
The Journal of Higher Education

It publishes original research reporting on the academic study of higher education as a broad enterprise.
Journal of Teacher Education

The flagship journal of The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) to serve as a research forum for a diverse group of scholars invested in the preparation and continued support of teachers who can have a significant voice in discussions and decision-making.
Learning and Instruction

An international, multi-disciplinary, peer-refereed journal which provides a platform for the publication of the most advanced scientific research in the areas of learning, development, instruction and teaching.
Instructional Science

It promotes a deeper understanding of the nature, theory, and practice of learning and of environments in which learning occurs. 
Review of Educational Research 

It publishes critical, integrative reviews of research literature bearing on education, including conceptualizations, interpretations, and syntheses of literature and scholarly work in a field broadly relevant to education and educational research.
Teacher Development
Teacher Development

It publishes articles on all aspects of teachers’ professional development.
Teacher Education Quarterly

It is a nationally and internationally respected, peer-reviewed scholarly journal sponsored by the California Council on Teacher Education.
Teachers and teaching: Theory and Practice

It provides an international focal point for the publication of research on teachers and teaching, in particular on teacher thinking.

Teaching and Teacher Education

It is an international journal concerned primarily with teachers, teaching, or teacher education situated in an international perspective or in an international context.
International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education

It aims to enhance the practice and theory of qualitative research in education, with “education” defined in the broadest possible sense, including non-school settings.

Follow the steps below to search for a known journal title in Find@HKUL.

 Step 1.

Go to Find@HKUL and type in the journal title e.g. Action in Teacher Education. Select the search scope “Books+”.

 Step 2.

Click “Online access” to view the full-text at the database.

Click “View Journal Contents” which shows the table of contents of the current issue of the journal.

Find Journal_Find Journal Title in FindatHKUL_Search Result

Find Journal_Find Journal Title in FindatHKUL_Journal Contents