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Qualitative data analysis software

Introductory video tutorials from QSR

Analysis in NVivo 12 Windows

This video provides a general overview of qualitative analysis in NVivo (Windows).

Importing with NVivo 12 Windows

This video demonstrate how to start a new project, import files and use folders to organize them. 

Coding in NVivo 12 Windows

This video shows how to use NVivo (Windows) to do interview data coding.

0:00 Introduction

3:28 Agenda

4:20 Process of using NVivo

4:54 Import data (i.e., text)

5:30 Coding

14:07 Visualize content in different formats

22:06 Mind map

26:35 Powerful node hierarchy (5 tips with examples)

35:27 NVivo Licensing Options

Manage nodes with NVivo 12 Windows

This video demonstrate how to organize nodes and review coded content.

Additional NVivo (Windows) Resources

NVivo by QSR
NVivo 12 for Windows Help
  • Official help guide for NVivo 12 (Windows). 
NVivo 11 for Windows Help
  • Official help guide for NVivo 11 (Windows). 
Managing Qualitative Research Data Using NVivo 12 for Windows 
  • Nvivo Workshop for Windows (2019) Course Materials by HKU Libraries 
NCapture Help
  • A free web-browser extension for Chrome that enables you to gather web content to import into NVivo.
Sample projects
  • Five sample projects allow you to explore the full range of NVivo's capabilities.