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Accessing HKUL E-resources: Home

Tips for solving common problems accessing HKUL E-resources

Accessing to HKU Libraries subscribed e-resources

Access to HKU Libraries subscribed e-resources

You may get access to HKU Libraries subscribed e-resources in the following three ways:

From HKU Libraries website

When you get access to HKU Libraries subscribed e-resources, you may get them from the HKU libraries website, i.e., the Find@HKUL or the Electronic Resources page. By this way, it will direct you through an authentication loginUpon successful login and then access will be granted. 

From non-HKU Libraries' websites

► Publishers' websites

Besides the HKU Libraries website, you may retrieve the e-resources from non-HKUL websites, such as the publishers' websites, for example, Science, Springer, and ScienceDirect. You may be asked to pay for access to the articles as the publishers do not recognize that you are affiliated with HKU Libraries.

If you have installed the HKUL Search Assistant plugin or added Reload via HKUL bookmarklet to your browser, this will trigger the HKUL authentication page for login. Then, access will also be granted.

► Google Scholar

When conducting your research, you may search papers from Google Scholar. If you have configured the settings in Google Scholar, it will also trigger the authentication. After login, click on View It@HKUL, and you can get access to the articles with ease.


The methods for accessing HKU Libraries' subscribed e-resources can be summarized in the diagram shown below. Watch the following video to learn more about how to get access to HKU Libraries' subscribed e-resources. 
Methods for accessing HKU Libraries subscribed e-resources

Access to HKU Libraries subscribed e-resources from non HKUL websites

HKU Library Search Assistant     

HKU Library Search Assistant is a plugin to search HKU Libraries Catalogue and other popular databases within your browser and access HKUL subscribed resources from a publisher's website.

How to use HKU Library Search Assistant 


  • HKU Library Search Assistant can be used in Chrome , Microsoft Edge , and Firefox .
  • The plugin does not support Safari, iPhone and iPad at the moment. If you are using Safari as the browser, or you are an iPad or iPhone user, you may make use of Reload via HKUL bookmarklet.

Perform the functions of (i) allowing "Automatic Access" to e-resources; and (ii) finding library materials

"Automatic Access" Function Finding Library Materials

When accessing a resource from a publisher's website, click on the browser extension HKU Search Assistant icon 

Turn on Automatic Access toggle

When using HKUL subscribed databases, Automatic Access will reroute to the HKU sign-in page.

Once you have signed in, you may access articles under HKUL subscription directly without further sign in if you keep the session active.

Method 1:

Click HKUL Search Assistant icon

Input the search term

Search in HKU Libraries Catalogue and other popular search engines without leaving your current page

Click Search

Sample 2 for use the HKU Search Assistant extension for searching


Method 2:

Select the text and right-click

Select Search with HKU Search Assistant 

Choose the search platforms in HKU Catalogue, WoS, Google Scholar, PubMed or WorldCat

Sample 1 for use the HKU Search Assistant extension for searching

Reload via HKUL logo

Reload via HKUL is a bookmarklet to facilitate access to HKUL subscribed resources from a publisher website.

For desktop: Safari

• Install the bookmarklet on your web browser.  Drag this button Reload via HKUL coding up to your bookmarks toolbar (or right-click to save it to your favorites toolbar). 

A sample of drag Reload via HKUL button to bookmarks toolbar

•  A new button appears in your toolbar, like this: 
A sample of Reload via HKUL bookmarklet appears in toolbar

• When accessing a resource from a publisher's website, click on the Reload via HKUL bookmarklet in your toolbar.  You will be prompted to authenticate with your HKU Portal/ library account.


For gadgets: iPad and iPhone

• Install the bookmarklet on your iPad and iPhone
• Copy the following bookmarklet code of Reload via HKUL to your iPad and iPhone:


• When accessing a resource from a publisher's website, tap on the bookmark, Reload via HKUL on your gadgets.  You will be prompted to authenticate with your HKU Portal/ library account for login.


  • Access is only granted for HKUL subscribed resources and to eligible patrons only.
                     Chrome on iPad                                                         Safari on iPad      


                    Chrome on iPhone                                                          Safari on iPhone      


  • If you are using Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, you are suggested using the HKU Library Search Assistant.

Comparison between HKU Library Search Assistant and Reload via HKUL


HKU Library Search Assistant  

Reload via HKUL 

Get access to e-resources from

non-HKUL websites

Yes Yes
Perform Searching Yes No
Suggested Platforms PC (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

PC (Safari)

iPhone, iPad (Safari, Chrome)


Additional information on Reload via HKUL:

Reload via HKUL 

IOS      Android     
Installation of Reload via HKUL Available Not available
Devices iPhone, iPad No

R Safari, Chrome

T Firefox, Microsoft Edge

Not available
Videos at HKUL
(1) iPhone: installing the bookmarklet (Chrome & Safari)
(2) iPad: installing the bookmarklet (Chrome & Safari)
Not available

Google Scholar logo

Google Scholar links to HKUL full-text subscriptions through ViewIt@HKUL.

Follow the steps below to learn more about (i) configuring the settings, and (ii) searching and getting the full text of publications at Google Scholar.

Configure settings

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Settings”
  3. Click on "Library Links" on the left
  4. Enter "HKU" in the search box
  5. Select "The University of Hong Kong - View It@HKUL"
  6. “Save” the settings
    A sample of Google Scholar configure settings


Search and get the full text 

  1. Search Google Scholar
  2. Click "View It@HKUL" to get the full text. 


  • "View It@HKUL" could sometimes be hidden under “More”.  
  • Do not click on the title link.  This might take you to a website to which HKUL has not taken out a subscription and, therefore, you will be asked to pay.

A sample of search and get full text in Google Scholar

PubMed logo
  1. Use the customized HKUL link:
  2. On the result list, find full text via the Find@HKUL button.