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Learn a few tips and tricks to help you easily find information on Find@HKUL.


Q: What is meant by Peer-reviewed Journals?

A: Please look at this book chapter.

Q: Can I search for everything that are available in the databases subscribed by the library by Find@HKUL?

A: FIND@HKUL is a tool for discovering indexed information, it does not guarantee access to all full text articles retrieved.

In fact, full text accessibility depends on a number of contributing factors such as subscription coverage, source of the article, and occasional changes to the subscription platform and configuration on the vendor’s side.

In many cases, the external changes are beyond the Libraries’ knowledge and control.

Q: Can I have remote access to the ebooks and online articles subscribed by other local university libraries via Find@HKUL?

A: No. Remote access to non-HKUL electronic resources is restricted to the eligible users of the hosting libraries due to licensing agreement. Access to these electronic resources may be available within those libraries. You may apply for a JULAC card to visit and use the resources on-site.

Q: I am trying to access this article in the journal Asian Affairs - Maung Htin Aung, ‘Orwell of the Burma Police’, Asian Affairs (Routledge) 1973, vol. 4 no. 2, 181-186. I need a PDF of the article if possible, but so far I have not been able to find it.

A: HKUL does not subscribe to all online issues. Some old issues are available in print version only and you will not be able to discover the full text of these old issues at FIND@HKUL. 

You should perform a journal title search (scope ‘Books+’) and check the availability of bound journals.


The online subscription of HKUL does not cover the volumes published in 1973.

A sample of  online subscription information for a HKU Libraries item


You should check the print copy i.e. the bound volumes for the article.

A sample of a physical item information in HKU Libraries

Q:  I cannot get a full text after clicking the 'Recent Findings from University of Hong Kong Provides New Insights into COVID-19 (Dominate Others, Hurt Self: Social Dominance Orientation Predicts Depression During the Covid-19 Pandemic)' in a Find@HKUL record.

A:  This record is a news article from an e-news database. Some of the databases do not provide direct link to the individual articles. You can search in the database by the article title to get the full text. 

A sample of search article titles in a database

A sample of search articles in Factiva

Q: A journal I read often is called 'Area' which is hard to find because the word is so common? How can I find it?
A: Search  'Area' in Advanced Search and restrict material type to 'Journals'.

Q: I am unable to access the full text articles from the Harvard Business Review. The message ‘The publisher offers limited access to this article. The full text cannot be viewed from a persistent link’ appears in EBSCOhost database.

A: Harvard Business Review articles accessed through the FIND@HKUL cannot be linked persistently at the article level in EBSCOhost database. Therefore, the below message will appear.

A sample message of limited access to e-resources

To access the full text:

  1. Click “Advanced Search” at the top of the page in EBSCOhost.
  2. Keep the Accession Number (AN code) which is a unique identifier for the source, Harvard Business Review.
  3. Enter the article title in the second search field and select the field as “TI Title”.
  4. Click the Search button.
  5. In the search result, click “PDF Full Text” to access the full text article.

A sample of advanced search in EBSCOhost

A sample of access PDF full text article in EBSCOhost