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Find@HKUL: Search

Learn a few tips and tricks to help you easily find information on Find@HKUL.


 Simple search

  1. Enter keywords, a title or an author's name.
  2. Choose the search scope: Books & Articles+, Books+, Articles+ or HKALL

Advanced Search

  1. Use the template to build your search
  2. Example: Find information about social media marketing
    • Choose the search scope.
    • Choose a particular field such as title and any field etc.
    • Enter your keywords into the search boxes and choose the connecting operator, e.g. And
    • Limit material type, publication year or language.  

Tips for better searches

If you want to…




Search a phrase

" " (Quotation marks)

Search as a phrase

“renewable energy”

Search a term with variant forms

? (A question mark)

Perform a single character wildcard search


* (An asterisk)

Perform a multiple character wildcard search


Combine synonyms


Connect synonyms

Solar OR sun

Combine terms on different subjects

AND (or a space)

Connect terms covering different subjects

Energy AND conservation

Exclude a term


Exclude a term from the search

Energy NOT nuclear

Group terms

( )

Group terms within a search statement.

“renewable energy” AND (solar OR wind OR wave?)


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