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BrowZine: Using BrowZine

A Journal Engagement Platform for accessing selected e-journals

Pick your titles of interest

Browse by subject:

  1. Tap "SUBJECTS" button on the left.
  2. Select a subject area and a subcategory.
A step of browse by subject on BrowZine A step of browse by title on BrowZine

Browse by title:

  1. Tap "TITLES A-Z" button on the right.
  2. Search for a specific title by name or keyword.

Open table of contents

Once you opened the table of contents of a specific journal, you may:

  • Tap “ADD TO MY BOOKSHELF” button to save favorite title to "My Bookshelf".
  • Tap “AVAILABLE ISSUES” button to browse current and back issues.
  • Tap the article title to read the full-text document. 
  • Tap “Save to My Articles” button to add this article to “My Articles”. Then, tap "My Articles" in the black bar at the bottom of the app to find saved articles.

PLEASE NOTE: To use “My Bookshelf” and “My Articles”, you will need to set up a BrowZine Account. 

Brief introduction on the functions of Table of Contents in a specific journal

Begin reading

After you have opened the full-text article, you may tap Export icon on the top right corner. You may:

  • Tap "Email Article" button to send the article to your email.
  • Tap "Save to My Articles" button to add this article to "My Articles"
  • Tap "Open PDF in..." button to open PDFs in other apps installed in your device such as Google Drive, Dropbox and iAnnotate.
  • Tap "Endnote" button to export citation and PDF file directly from BrowZine to Endnote. To use this function, you will need to register an Endnote account. If you do not have an Endnote account, you may sign up here.
  • Tap "Facebook" or "Twitter" icon to share article on social media platform.

Brief introduction on the functions for save and export the full-text article

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With BrowZine, you can...

Browse journal by subject or title
A sample of browsing journal by subject or title on BrowZine
Create list of favourite journals and articles

A sample of creating list of favourite journals on BrowZine

A sample of creating list of favourite articles on BrowZine

Save or export article
A sample of saving or exporting article on BrowZine