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SciVal: Introduction

What is SciVal?

SciVal is a research performance assessment tool.  It offers access to research performance of over 14,000 research institutions worldwide.  

SciVal allows you to visualize your own research performance, benchmark against peers, develop collaborative partnerships, identify and analyze emerging research trends, and create tailored reports. There are four major modules: Overview, Benchmarking, Collaboration, and Trends.

Accessing SciVal

SciVal can be accessed from Find@HKUL or by clicking this link.

Click "SciVal" and login with your HKU Portal account.


Click "Sign in".


1. If you have registered an account for Scopus or ScienceDirect, you can login to SciVal with the same account.


2. If you do not have an account yet, please go to  SciVal by clicking here, then click the “View account” icon and register for a SciVal account.