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Jasper, HKUL Therapy Dog

Jasper - A Biography

The University of Hong Kong Libraries proudly introduces Jasper, a therapy dog.

Jasper, a ten-year-old English Sheepdog adopted from Hong Kong Dog Rescue, hopes to help current HKU students experience a better academic life through a new pilot programme.

Jasper was found at the public kennels and rescued by Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) at the age of one, after a brief adoption, Jasper was returned to HKDR. On that same day he was returned, Jasper was discovered by his daddy while he was volunteering at HKDR. Straight away a connection was made and Jasper joined his new family soon after. Gary Chin, the Libraries’ Public Relations and Development manager and Jasper’s daddy believed Jasper would make a great therapy dog given his gentle demeanour and friendliness towards people. After passing an international NGO’s therapy dog testing, Jasper was certified a therapy dog and the HKU Libraries therapy dog programme was initiated.

Jasper walks four times a day with his brother Cooper. Cooper is a nine-year-old English Sheepdog mix rescued from Lifelong Animal Protection. 

General Information about Jasper:

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 10 years old
  • Height: 60 cm

Jasper daily routine:

  • Two meals a day of kibbles and home cooked food
  • Four walks a day
  • Lots of sleep

Jasper loves:

  • People and herding large groups of people and kids into a circle
  • Bum rubs, tummy rubs, back rubs, all kinds of cuddling
  • Stopping other dogs from running or play, he thinks they will hurt themselves

Jasper especially loves:

  • Pull toys to play Tug of War
  • Swimming
  • Sleeping
  • Following his family around


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