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Scite: Smart Citations for Better Research: Smart Citation Badge

Smart Citation Badge

scite launches the extension that allows users to get access to the scite data in the form of scite badges on search results, references, citations and more.

Installation of the scite extensions 

To see the badge automatically around the webpages, install the scite browser extensions on Chrome and/or Firefox which support hundreds of sites. Or, click on the “Install extension!” button on scite website to install the extension.


For more details about the scite badge, click here.


Supported databases and publisher websites 

The extension inserts Smart Citation Badge on many popular academic literature databases and publishers websites. It currently supports Wikipedia, Pubmed, Pubmed Central, ScienceDirect, eLife, Nature, Google, Google Scholar, PLOS, ORCID, AGS, Springer, MDPI, Sage, Taylor & Francis Online, SPIE, Wiley, Karger biorxiv, medrxiv, Science, Web of Science, Scopus. PNAS and Europe PMC, IOP, fsg, frontiers, IUCr, Thieme, Cambridge University Press, Rockefeller University Press, etc.


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