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Sustainable Digital Scholarship@HKUL: Tool and Features



Under the Sustainable Digital Scholarship (SDS) services, project data are preserved on DataHub, powered by Figshare, the HKU institutional data repository. DataHub is a data repository offering long-term storage, unique identifiers for publication and sharing, and eligibility of data editions and updates over time.

Key Features

Key Features

Supported by the Figshare engine, DataHub offers:

  • Storage supporting almost all file formats, including images, multimedia files, documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides, 3D objects, programme codings, softwares, etc. Preview also available on the item record.

  • Metadata fields for archival uses and future reuse.

  • Data uploading under your choice of organization structures.

  • Publication of your items with a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI) assigned, granting persistent locations for your items. DOI Versioning is also supported for future updates.

  • Index of your published items on the World Wide Web, making them discoverable via the Internet such as Google Dataset.

  • Ability to apply access restrictions for particular data records, or keeping data private and unpublished.

  • Citations and analytic statistics of your published items for tracking the impacts of your data.

  • Platform for collaborations with project members from within and outside of the University during the project.

  • Secured data storage platform which meets the highest international information security standards (ISO27001 certification).

  • Simple interface and access via HKU Portal Login.


Using DataHub

Login to DataHub via HKU Portal account will be automatically activated for each academic staff, research staff, and research postgraduate student affiliated with any faculty, department, or research unit at HKU. An initial of 100GB private storage will be assigned along with the account activation. Additional storage requests can be made within your ‘My Data’ profile on DataHub if necessary. Valid justifications shall be submitted along with the request. Users shall read and accept the terms and conditions stated in the Depositor's Agreement before depositing any data onto DataHub. 

Individual academic members, researchers, and students can make use of DataHub for preserving and sharing their own data files and collections. Details can be referred to the DataHub Guidelines.


Collaborating with Non-HKU Members on DataHub

DataHub also supports submissions outside of the HKU community if your project involves members outside of HKU. Non-HKU project members are able to submit their work to the project folder via a specific website ( without any DataHub or Figshare account. A step-by-step guide on using this configurated submission page can be referred to our DataHub LibGuide.

However, it is still recommended that non-HKU members could register for a Figshare account if they would like to further collaborate on the project or view other submitted items stored in your project folders created on DataHub.

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