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Open Access@HKUL: Creative Commons Licenses

What is Creative Commons

The Creative Commons is a non-profit corporation that provides free licenses for individuals who want to license their works in a way that allows for the work to be shared, remixed and/or used by others for either commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Creative Commons Licenses Videos

Let’s watch and get an understanding of the Creative Commons Licensing with a short explanation by Max Noble.

Watch and learn the Creative Commons Licensing with detailed explanation by Andrée Rathemacher.

What are Creative Commons Licenses

When publishing with Open Access, you are recommended to add a Creative Commons license to protect the right of your work.

Creative Commons Licenses allow the author to specific the conditions of re-use of their works by others. At the same time it ensures that the authors are credited for their works. They provide built-in copyright and last for the same duration as the copyright in the work.

Types of Creative Commons licenses

There are six CC license options. The options and their degree of free are listed in the figure below.


For more information about the six options refer to the following table.


When choosing the CC licenses options that are appropriate for your work, you may consider the following three questions:

Adapted from: foter/CC BY-SA

Learn more about Creative Commons licenses and select the one that suits your need at Creative Commons Licenses.