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SEN Support

Special Study Room 1

Special Study Room 1 provides equipment and software for students with visual impairment, where braille signage is installed.  

Desktop electronic magnifier

Three PCs with Braille Displays. Each braille display creates braille characters on a flat surface of the devices that are connected to PCs for use. The devices make navigating the Internet and draft documents.  

Braille Embosser, with acoustic hood, prints braille characters on papers

Color Laser Jet Printer


Computers in the room are installed with screen reading software JAWS and NVDA (supported by the HK Blind Union). The software assists users to read the text displayed on a speech synthesizer or braille display in English and Chinese.

Three PCs running Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2010 are also installed the following software.

  • Braille Instant Translation and Editing (BRITE) is a multi-functional Braille translation editing program that allows people to easily perform two-way instant translation between Braille and regular text. It is supported by the HK Blind Union. 

  • EasyDots is a Cantonese Braille input method developed by the HK Blind Union.

  • ABBYY FineReader converts image documents into editable electronic formats.

  • OpenBook converts printed documents into an electronic text format.