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Buddhist Studies: Theses

Important Information for MBS, MPhil and PhD thesis

From the Graduate School:

Research Integrity: A Guide for Research Postgraduate Students at The University of Hong Kong to provide a general overview of research integrity and related themes as well as offer some practical advice for the good conduct of academic research.

Preparing and Submitting Your Thesis: A Guide for MPhil and PhD Students makes recommendations for the format and style of presentation of theses which go beyond the formal stipulations in the University regulations and provides ideas and suggestions on what makes for a well-presented thesis and what does not. 

Plagiarism: A Guide for Research Postgraduate Students informs students about plagiarism and how to acknowledge the ideas or work of others in academic writing for preventing plagiarism. 

How to Prepare Thesis Proposal: A Guide for MPhil and PhD Students highlights the process in preparing a research proposal and basic elements that should be included.  

Essential Skills for Graduating Students: A series of booklets written for senior PhD students who are soon to embark on the early stages of their post-PhD careers.  The topics of the seven booklets are career management, networking, time management, team work, leadership, critical thinking and resilience.   They have been carefully chosen to support the early career development in a holistic manner. 

Working Effectively with Your Supervisor: A guide for Research Postgraduate Students who look for effective ways to work with their supervisors.

Overcoming Common Obstacles to PhD Progress: A booklet that provides the strategies for dealing with the common obstacles to progress which include procrastination, losing motivation, feeling alone and isolated, feeling not good enough, expecting perfectionism, coping with full-time work and part-time study.

Find Theses

Digital dissertation consortium contains more than 35,000 dissertation from the ProQuest dissertations and theses subscribed by the consortium.

HKU theses online - As of 30 Jun. 2011, The Hong Kong University Theses Collection holds 18,973 titles of theses and dissertations submitted for higher degrees to the University of Hong Kong since 1941. The first recorded thesis was dated 1928, though all theses prior to 1941 were lost during the occupation of WWII. HKUTO includes works in the arts, humanities, education and the social, medical and natural sciences. Many of them deal entirely with or focus on subjects relating to Hong Kong. The collection is primarily in English, with some in English and Chinese, and others in Chinese only. Almost all HKU theses are included in HKUTO. Missing ones might be located in HKU departmental libraries. HKUTO now includes 18,758 fulltext electronic theses.

ProQuest dissertations and theses A&I is the world's most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses from around the world, spanning from 1861 to the present day.

Useful Abbreviations


Full form


  BCE Before Common Era  
  c or ca circa around; approximately
  CE Common Era  
  Chin/Ch. Chinese  
  cf confer please see; refer to...
  et al. et alii and other authors
  f. folio page
  ff. folii and the subsequent pages
  Fig. figure  
  ibid. or ib. ibidem same as above
  JPN Japanese  
  opt. cit. opere citato from earlier-cited source (different page)
  loc. cit. loco citato from earlier-cited place (same page)
  MS manuscript  
  MSS manuscripts  
  P. Pāli  
  q.v. quod videre check this elsewhere
  sic. sic erat scriptum so it was written
  Tib. Tibetan  
  Trans. Translate  
  Skt. Sanskrit  
  viz. videlicet namely
  N.B. nota bene note well