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The HKU Scholars Hub: Research Postgraduate (RPg) Profile Pages

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Research Postgraduate (RPg) Profile Pages

Research Postgraduate Profile Pages

The Research Postgraduate Profile Pages is a knowledge exchange initiative of the University to enhance the visibility of HKU Research Postgraduates (RPg). The first batch of RPg Profile Pages is released in April 2017.  It is a collaborative effort of the Knowledge Exchange Office, the Graduate School and the Libraries.


Data Sources

Data in RPg Profile Pages are pre-populated from HKU's central databases. They include:

  • Student name / Email
  • Curriculum / Program
  • Department / Faculty
  • Field of study
  • Name of supervisors
  • Awards
  • Conferences
  • Courses
  • Publications
  • Thesis information

For data change request concerning pre-populated information, students should contact their Faculty Office. The latest information will then be reflected in the next profile update.


Profile Edit

Students can edit their own profiles. To do so, click on “HKU Login” on the top menu and login with the HKU Portal ID and PIN.  A new orange button “Edit RPG” will then appear in the Profile Page.


After clicking the “Edit RPG” button, students may enrich their profile with the following information:

  • Contact
  • Research interests
  • Employments
  • URL
  • Picture
  • CV
  • Biography
  • Qualifications

On any data element, except for the basic information including student name, programme/curriculum, department, and name of supervisor, students can click on  to add items,  to delete, or Hide to hide the element from public display. Once the editing is done, click the Save Changes button at the bottom to effect the changes.


Terms and Conditions

Students may wish to note the following terms and conditions of the RPg Profile Pages:

  1. Information pre-populated from the University's central databases will be made public in the Profile Page.
  2. Students may input additional information in the Profile Page where applicable; whereas the HKU Libraries is not responsible for the content veracity and authenticity of such information.
  3. Students may hide certain information in the Profile Page where applicable; whereas information once made public may be archived, captured, crawled, indexed, and/or recorded by search engines and/or third parties; and the HKU Libraries is not responsible for consequences arising from such information disclosure.
  4. The HKU Libraries reserves the right to suppress an RPg Profile Page.
  5. The HKU Libraries reserves the right to amend/change the said terms and conditions.