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Search the Hub


  1. Quick Search: The search box on the Hub Homepage provides a global search of the various entities, such as publications, researchers, organizations, grants, etc. 
  2. Advanced Search: Under each entity, e.g. Publications, Researchers, one can conduct specific searches.  For instance, under the Publications entity, you can specify the search to particular fields, such as title, author, journal name.  Similarly, under the Researcher entity, you can specify the search to fields, such as name, department, research interest, supervision.

Search Hints

Search hints




Search as a phrase

Quotation marks “    “

  • “pearl cultivation”
  • “green building”
  • “renewable energy”

Both terms to appear in the record

AND (or a space)

  • ecosystem AND diversity
  • graphene AND impurities
  • emission AND pollution

Either term to appear in the record


  • energy OR fuel
  • "avian influenza" OR “avian flu”
  • population OR demography

Exclude the term from a search


  • energy NOT nuclear
  • bridges NOT steel
  • cancer NOT lung

Find variant forms of a word


  • Build* retrieves build, builds, building..
  • Educat* retrieves educate, educated, education, educational…
  • Sustain* retrieves sustain, sustains, sustainable, sustainability…

Group search terms connected by different operators

Brackets (     )

  • (population OR demography) AND dolphin*
  • (“green building” OR “green engineering”) AND “big data”
  • (swine OR pig) AND pandemic



Browse feature is available for the entities listed on the top menu: Publications, Researchers, Organizations, Grants, Datasets, Theses, Patents and Community Service.  Click on the entity on top bar menu and explore the available browse fields.  For example, the browse fields under the Publications entity include: Top Communities, Issue Date, Author, Title, Subject, Publication Type, Journal/Conference, Editor.  Under Researcher entity, the browse fields include Faculties, Researchers, Honours/Awards/Prizes, Committee Appointments, Supervisions of RPG Thesis, Professional Societies, Course List, Community Service, Grants.



Handle number

It is also possible to search for a Hub record by a “persistent identifier” or “Handle Number”.

DSpace provides a stable point of reference for any resource in the repository by allocating a unique Handle Number. Because web sites can disappear, or be reconfigured without notice, references (links) to research results can disappear without trace. A core feature of DSpace is the creation of “persistent identifiers” for every item, collection and community stored in DSpace.

A “persistent identifier” is the name for a resource which will remain the same, regardless of where the resource is located. Therefore links to the resource will continue to work even if it is moved.

DSpace Handles were chosen in preference to persistent URLs because of the desire to support citations to items in DSpace over very long time spans. Handles in DSpace are currently implemented as URLs, but can also be modified to work with future protocols. For more information: please visit CNRI Handle System.