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Media Services: Mimioteach

Guides for using our equipment and services


General Information

MimioTeach™ is a set of portable interactive whiteboard systems to use together with whiteboard table in Digital Interactive Lab.  If you already uses regular dry erase boards and projectors, simply place the small MimioTeach bar on the dry erase boards, push two buttons, and you've got a full-featured interactive whiteboard.

The MimioCapture™ ink recorder extends the functionality of MimioTeach™ interactive whiteboard, by allowing teachers to save whiteboard notes and drawings directly to their computer in four colours automatically. 



  • MimioTeach bar
  • MimioStudio software (download before setup)
  • MimioTeach stylus
  • MimioHub wireless receiver
  • Your personal laptop
  • Projector
  • Standard whiteboard (or other projection surface) 


  • Turn any ordinary whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard.
  • Encourage participation at the whiteboard.
  • Search the MimioStudio Gallery for ready-to-use lesson content.
  • Enliven lessons with audio, video and Flash files.
  • Record video lessons to reuse whenever you want.
  • Record audio files using your computer’s microphone.
  • Import existing lessons from Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat.
  • Save your whiteboard notes and drawings to your computer.


  • Save, edit, and print whiteboard notes for students anytime, in a variety of formats (including PDF, JPEG, and HTML).
  • Add student drawings to lessons on the fly.
  • Convert handwriting into font-based text with one click.
  • Switch dynamically between Capture mode and Interactive mode.

Set Up guidlines

You can set up a MimioTeach system by yourself in minutes. Just follow these five simple steps:

  1. Connect one of the three available power options.
  2. Place the MimioTeach bar anywhere on the left side of your ordinary whiteboard.
  3. Plug the MimioHub receiver into a USB port on your computer.
  4. Connect your computer to a standard projector.
  5. Push the Interactive/Calibration button on the bar. MimioStudio software will lead you through this simple process, which is only necessary for first-time setup.

Finally, the MimioTeach bar integrates wirelessly with the MimioHub receiver to display your computer screen on your whiteboard via a projector.

Mimio teach set up video


Installation steps