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ReadingList@HKUL: FAQs

Frequently asked questions

A. You can hide your ReadingList@HKUL extension tool on your Moodle course in Editing Mode, and make it visible when you have finished editing the list.

A. Search for library resources and add them to your reading list. For books to be put on Reserve Collection, add your instruction in the Library Discussion area to inform library staff, such as "Transfer to 3-hour loan". The library staff will also respond to your comment in Library Discussion.

A. The library will action your request as soon as possible. Time taken will depend on the action required and the time of year.

There may be processing delays if the books are on loan and needed to be recalled. 

New books or editions are ordered as soon as possible but we are reliant on publishers timelines and bookseller deliveries.

A. Yes, you can access your reading lists on your phone or tablet.

A. You can contact your subject or branch librarians if you have any questions or difficulties in using ReadingList@HKUL.