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Library Guide for MBA and Business School Taught Postgraduate Students

Welcome to HKU Libraries! This guide provides MBA and Business School Taught Postgraduate students access to information resources and services available from the HKU Libraries and other free resources

Configure Google Scholar to HKUL settings

1. Google Scholar Settings:

(a) Go to Google Scholar (

(b) Click on “Settings”

(c) Click on "Library Links" on the left

(d) Enter HKU into the search box

(e) Select "The University of Hong Kong - View It@HKUL"

(f) "Save" the settings.

2. View It@HKUL

To get full text on your result list, click "View It@HKUL" on the right hand side.  Sometimes, it could be under “More”.

NOTE: Do not click on the title link. This might take you to a website which HKUL has not taken up a subscription and, therefore, you will be asked to pay.

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