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SciVal: Overview

Overview Module



1 The Overview module gives you a summary of research performance of selected institution(s), researcher(s), country(ies), research topic(s).

One may select, add or remove from the left panel any research entities from:

  • Institutions and Groups
  • Researchers and Groups
  • Publication Sets
  • Countries, Regions and Groups
  • Topics and Topic Clusters
  • Research Areas
  • Scopus Sources
3 Select the year range from this pull down menu.
4 Select the subject area filter.

Click the Metric themes' tabs to browse by:

  • Summary
  • Topics & Topic Clusters
  • Collaboration
  • Published - Scholarly Output, Outputs in Top Citation Percentiles, and more.
  • Viewed - Views Count, Outputs in Top Views Percentiles, Views per Publication.
  • Cited - Citation Count, Citations per Publication, Field-Weighted Citation Impact.
  • Authors - Top 500 authors by number of publications at the institution.
  • Economic Impact - Citing-Patents Count, Patent-Cited Scholarly Output, Patent-Citations Count.
  • Societal Impact - Mass Media, Media Exposure, Field-Weighted Mass Media for Print or Online media types.
  • Awarded Grants